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Mediation is another way to seek a resolution with minimal contact with the Court. In mediation, both parties agree to meet with a neutral mediator to work on an amicable and agreeable resolution. Mediation can be used to reach a divorce settlement as well as a custody or support arrangement in Family Court.

The mediator will not advocate for one particular position and will guide both you and your spouse in reaching a resolution in the matter. Mediation is most appropriate when:

  • Both parties are willing to openly communicate;
  • Both parties are willing to compromise; and
  • There is no history of domestic violence.

One of the benefits of Mediation is that the parties are in complete control of their disputed matter. The cost of mediation is typically shared and often less than that of a litigated matter.

Donnellan & Knussman, PLLC has a trained mediator on staff who may be retained to assist in the mediation process. If you are interested in learning more about mediation, please contact Donnellan & Knussman, PLLC at (518) 278-4059 for a confidential consultation.

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